About HAZARA University

Hazara University is unique to be the beneficiary of the choicest blessings of Nature due to its attractive landscape and location. The University tries in this healthy natural environment for the growth and development of the young minds.

The campus of Hazara University is located 14 kilometres to the north of Mansehra town on the right flank of Karakuram Highway in a serene, peaceful, ideal, pollution free environment.

Groves of pine trees across the campus enhance its natural beauty and accentuate the harmonious calm of its location. Towards the northeast the hills are covered with dense forest and in the background far beyond are the peaks of the snow-covered mountains of Kaghan Valley, which add to its panoramic attraction.

On the western, southern and the eastern sides, the rolling ranges of hills further enhance the beauty of the captivating scene. The most famous and attractive summer resorts of Kaghan Valley, the legendry lake of Saif-ul-Maluk, Galiat and Siran Valley with their fascinating mountains and hills are at a convenient distance of a few hours drive from the University Campus. The snow-covered mountain peaks of Kaghan Valley are a rare scenic attraction for the adventurous youth to pursue sports like skiing in winter season and mountaineering, hiking or trekking in summer.


The establishment of Hazara University has been one of the most miraculous achievements of the region, for which the people of the area have rendered great sacrifices and have done a lot of hard work. It was the realization of their long cherished dream. The first draft of Hazara University Act was prepared by Higher Education Department, NWFP and the University Grants Commission (Now Higher Education Commission) in 1995. Two years later, the NWFP Provincial Assembly passed Hazara University Act in 1997. In 2001, the then Governor, NWFP took the bold step of establishing Hazara University in the buildings, got vacated from Neuropsychiatry Hospital, Dhodial and Agriculture Department etc.

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